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Bare Metal Provisioning

Metalman is a hyper-converged hardware and software bundle offering portable Metal-as-a-Service (MaaS) to disconnected, heterogeneous compute environments. It is designed to help companies deploy software to baremetal systems at scale.


Ditch the USB drives

… and that PXE server.

We all know the pain of booting each server, one by one, with a USB drive or kludging together a PXE server to install a basic OS. It’s inefficient and error prone. Metalman auto-discovers and auto-classifies all of your servers and, through our intuitive user interface and programming APIs, you can blast down your OS of choice and even run automation like cloud-init or Ansible at the same time! 

Open Source

Metalman is built on open source software and we make sure to give back to the community when we find issues or can provide new features.

High Performance

Supporting up to 40Gbps baremetal provisiong, Metalman is built for scale and speed. 


Built-in Ansible UI, cloud-init support, and more – out of the box. Deploy your servers the way you want and with the tools you’re already using.


Auto Classification?

Not all servers are the same. When Metalman detects a new server, it can classify it based on a range of parameters such as amount of RAM, number of CPUs, or even which PCI devices it has. This allows users to deploy the right base OS and deployment automation for the right type of metal. 


Open APIs

Metalman is totally chill being just a cog in the wheel if you’re not into using our beautifully fantastic web interface. Use your in-house tooling to tell Metalman what to do – how to provision servers, when to run automation, and when to tear down metal. 


There when you need us

With locations in the US and Europe, we are available to assist you with any technical issue or project you’re working on.